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Here I am.

I am here.

I am a storyteller.
I love chocolate and salad and white bedsheets and yellow daisies and politics and face masks that smell like berries. John Denver’s “Country Roads” makes me cry. I like to go to bed early and wish I lived nearer the mountains.
I live on the edge of light and shadow. At the intersection of hard earned wisdom and cake for breakfast. I find life fascinating but think about death a lot. Everything matters. Nothing matters. I love paradoxes because I know that’s where the truth lives.
I am multi passionate and intentional. I feel strongly about writing, social justice, female entrepreneurship, education, mental health, emotional intelligence, courage and the importance of living life well. I love love.

I am unconcerned with legacy, likability or relatability and deeply concerned with creativity, spirituality and the state of my heart.

I want to drink more water. Read more books. Pray more and play more.

I am interesting and interested. Beauty-hungry and beauty-full. Hurting at the brutal world and overjoyed at the wild majesty of being alive by His permission.
One thing I know for sure and it’s as sure as the sun:
my path to my happy place (and your path to your happy place) is unique and gritty and complex.
The terrain might be rough and winding some parts, we might be alone a whole lot of times and it could get dark and treacherous too, but I promise you this, as long as we’re true to ourselves and kind to each other, it’s gonna be the making of us and when we get there, and we’ll all be together again, the view will be breathtaking and the Light will be bright and everything will be excellent.
Let us begin.

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