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Happy Place

is a messy, noisy, busy play space for families, nestled away in the heart of Karachi. Our mandate is to use books and art to encourage creativity and community building. We believe play saves lives, builds brains, strengthens hearts and relationships. We’re easy going and big on joyful experiences. You’ll love Happy Place. And Happy Place will always love you right back.

Weekly Classes

Social Art

An EQ-based art class, a favorite with big kids. Confidence building, conflict resolution, group dynamics, positive self assertion and more are explored in a playful and safe setting under the supervision of trained therapists and psychologists.

Ideal for any kid struggling with emotional regulation, shyness, making friends, insecurity, anger or difficulty expressing themselves.

Ages 5 – 10

Thursday 3.30 – 5.45pm

Parent-Kid Playtime

Story, music, art and play for parents and kids to enjoy together. We explore favorite titles, dance to familiar tunes, get into sensory materials and enjoy process-based art.

Ideal for any parent looking for a cheerful and easy going space to spend time with their child and watch them learn and grow.

Ages 1 – 4

Tuesday 4.00 – 6.00pm

Thursday 10.00 – 11:30am

Parties @ Happy Place

Whether it’s your child’s birthday party, a class outing or a small playdate, Happy Place has got you covered.

Parties at Happy Place are your old-school, low on stress, high on fun kind of affairs. We do up the place and provide everything you need. There’s lots of art, laughter and conversation. Kids get space to run around, paint and play. You get time to sit, enjoy the evening breeze and catch up with friends. Everyone gets great food and goes home happy.

Let’s get this party started!